Executive Coaching

For Leaders in Transition and High-Potential Future Leaders

For successful executives, considering change or facing an assigned change can significantly shift how you work and how you live. Through executive coaching, you will understand which challenges to overcome, and effectively manage the transition process to help you achieve long-term and life goals of financial and career success.

Learn to embrace and share your experience, to inspire and influence the performance of others, to become a recognized thought-leader in your work.

Harness your Power and Passion

You are the driver. A team succeeds by having a strong and trusting working relationship. Watch this video to learn about harnessing your own talent to explore change.

Inspire and lead your team with passion, vision, and a commitment to collaborative success.

Executive Coaching

Confidential 12-month coaching at your schedule

Develop a Baseline for Coaching. Track your progress. Complete a top-rated assessment to reveal how you perceive your strengths and areas of concern. Assess your values and intentions, then compare how you see yourself to how others see you by using feedback Dr. Maddalena will obtain from colleagues you select. Utilize your confidential 70-page Assessment Report to learn, track, and record the insights and new approaches acquired during the coaching engagement.

Employ the insight gained. Apply the perspective gained from your Assement to create your personal Coaching Contract. Define your goals in business, leadership, communication, and development. Select a respeced leaders as a role model supoprt your progress. Dr. Maddalena will guide you to identify your trail markers, your long-term career goals, using the evolving process that has helped hundreds of leaders over the past 20 years.

Establish your Executive Presence. Build and strengthen vital work relationships and expand your communication networks. Recognize, create, and manage hidden options to achive your goals. Learn to apply self-coaching for ongoing development. Seek new possibilities and expose new confidence as a role model, mentor, and team leader.

Transition coaching

Get clarity and support during organizational changes

Transition coaching supports leaders seeking to change roles, assume greater responsibilities, build strong working relationships, or refine your Executive Presence. You have made an investment in your career, now is the time to bring clarity to your role and talents: make an investment in your future success as you expand your connections and build your legacy.

Dr. Maddalena will share her experience working with global firms and domestic business leaders inspired to expand their work and achieve personal as well as business goals:

Transition to a new role. Establish a strong network employing effective communication and relationship-building skills.

Build an Executive Presence. Exhibit an image of pride, skill and confidence that reflects your abilities.

Assume new responsibilities. Lead by creating an environment of trust, respect, and empathy to attract and keep followers.

Mentor a challenging group of new leaders. Learn new skills as a Role Model to inspire, engage, inform, and develop others

The transition process is one of growth. From the turmoil of change we learn to recognize our values, build our confidence, and blaze our unique trail through the unexpected. We are prepared to embrace a challenging future.

The Schedule

Explore your strengths and areas for growth.

An expert in assessment administration, Dr. Maddalena will conduct a confidential Assessment of your strengths and areas for growth as well as gather feedback to compare your perceptions to the feedback of others. From this research you will have a 70-page Assessment Report as a database to track your progress. You will focus on intrapersonal development – understanding your needs, perspective, habits and goals to determine what you want to achieve during the coaching engagement. Involving your mentor in the process, you will develop your personal coaching plan to fully explore often unrecognized options as well as create new opportunities to apply your talent and inspire your followers.

Develop your strategic vision.

Engage and inspire others as a thought leader. Your focus will move to interpersonal development – reaching out to others to build effective working relationships, creating professional networks, and learning how to present your ideas by exhibiting the leadership skills of a role model and mentor. The actions, words, and decisions of a senior leader are closely observed throughout the company and often repeated. A leader’s message must be delivered as intended, accepted with respect, and acted upon by the intended audience. Working with Dr. Maddalena you will explore personal and team decision-making processes, gaining new approaches to unite your team for ongoing success. Learn to inspire and be inspiring!


Case Studies

Read examples of MTM case studies to learn how Dr. Maddalena has supported successful executives to work through change and achieve their goals.
Building Your Leadership Legacy

Alaan was proud to have been promoted to Vice President four years ago based on success as a process expert. However, since that promotion, Alaan seems to have become invisible, unrecognized for any additional contribution to the assigned areas of responsibility or the company itself. For a quiet introvert, the evolving work environment was difficult as it now placed a greater emphasis on forming connections and caring for employees.

Restructuring Battle

The company was very successful and ready to go public. The owners battled for financial control while the work of the staff was ignored. Could the owners find an equitable solution?

Downsizing Aftermath

The surprising decision to downsize and the loss of long-time colleagues created a stressful environment and insecurity among remaining employees. Can the remaining staff find a new and satisfying way to work together?

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