MOVING ON BY! Recommended Summer Business Read!

Are you looking for something to read? How about a book that will help inspire you at work, guide you to focus on your career options, and help you make some critical job decisions– while escaping the everyday to a free, open trail of sun and snow?

LeAura Luciano just announced MOVING ON BY! as her “Best Business Book” pick to inspire your career success.


“Moving On BY!: Harnessing My Sled Dog Team’s Instinct to Win” by Dr. Lucille Maddalena

In this unique blend of leadership wisdom and metaphorical storytelling, Dr. Lucille Maddalena takes us on a thrilling sled dog ride. Imagine the exhilaration of racing through life’s twists and turns, just like a musher guiding her team. This book uncovers the elusive trail markers—the confluence of experiences, values, and desires—that lead us toward our goals. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, a mentor, or someone hungry for personal growth, “Moving On BY!” offers practical insights and inspiration. Discover how to tap into your inner instincts and forge your own path to success.

MOVING ON BY! has eight very real case studies of how others survived and overcame the bumps in their careers and businesses. There are also actual tales from the trail with analogies and dog teams to send a cool vibe for an engaging read. While you are experiencing the energy and excitement of mushers and sled dogs, you’ll learn how to effectively apply your instincts, recognize your trail markers, and self-coach to make the decisions that will get you where you want to go.

Check out “Moving On By! Harnessing My Sled Dog Team’s Instinct to Win”-

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Follow your instinct by self-coaching to make the right decisions, find your trail markers, and MOVE ON BY! to life and career success.

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