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Everyone has a history, a reason to be where they are in life. Dr. Maddalena’s story may inspire you as she offers some thought-provoking ideas about work, joy, and dedication that may be of value to your continued development. Listen to Dr. Maddalena in her live interviews with hosts Dave Llewellyn and Jim Masters as she shares her experience working with leaders in pharma, biotech, construction and manufacturing industries during this challenging post-pandemic work environment.

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Are you lonely at work?

As a leader you are a mentor and a role model: two assignments that eclipse all previous relationships. Embracing the role of a leader offers a formal as well as valuable

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From Tech to Manager

Situation A manufacturing engineer, Robert, was given the opportunity to lead a newly formed cross-functional team. Robert knew that he received the promotion because of his seniority and competency as

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Build Your Leadership Legacy

Situation Alaan was promoted to Vice President four years ago following the successful integrating of a new work process in the firm.  As a subject-matter-expert, the new role was demanding,

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