YOU CAN SELF-COACH: Be Inspired and Inspiring

In this thought-provoking interview to inspire your success, BACK TO BASICS host Leticia van Splunteren interviews Dr. Lucille Maddalena on the POWER OF SELF-COACHING so you can find your power and passion to win!

Learn how you can self-coach in any situation by employing your instincts and making the best decisions for your life, career, and future. Dr. Maddalena shares insights on leadership that will guide you to explore your career and life goals in her best-selling Book ‘Moving ON BY!”

Call upon your instinct and your wisdom when you read how she harnessed her drive for Dogsledding. The dynamic stories will bring you to another place, a world of challenges and excitement, to remind you how you can ‘claim your trail’ and learn to pass β€˜On By’ uncertainties, fears or barriers.

The case studies in MOVING ON BY! help you find your trail markers

You will uncover leadership insights from the most unexpected places and events!Β 

Explore how to find your trail markers and discover your trail to work/life harmony and joy.

Self-coaching taps into your instincts to help you to make the best decision for your life, career, and future by calling upon your own history, experiences, and goals.

Organize your life and your career, learn to trust your instincts, and make effective decisions using self-coaching.

Now you can apply the term ‘self-coaching’ to what you do when you step back to evaluate a situation based on your knowledge and understanding: naming the process brings greater attention to how you make those critical decisions.

Host Leticia Latin describes some of her favorite insights from the interview:

πŸ“’ You want to anticipate problems, not deal with them as they come.
πŸ“’ A leader makes others feel safe to be who they truly are
πŸ“’ Embrace: “What can I do for you?” as a question you ask daily and as often as you can
πŸ“’ Don’t miss your Trailmarkers, those are the points where you have to recognize you have to make a decision.

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